Prachi Desai,come back once again with 9x’s Yeh Hai Jalwa.

The latest addition to the Dancing Idols – Prachi Desai talks to the Telly Buzz team on her new reality show, Yeh Hai Jalwa, where Prachi is all set to burn the dance floors once again.The Telly Buzz team talks to the young actress who heads ‘Masti Ki Paatshala’…Your take on Yeh Hai Jalwa..

Yeh Hai Jalwa completely rocks. I simply love the concept. The celebrities have to mentor their team. Jhalak helped me a lot to improve my dancing skills and I love dancing, so I took up this project.The Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa winner – Prachi Desai, hits the dance floors once again with 9x’s Yeh Hai Jalwa. After dancing her way into millions of hearts, Prachi now takes charge on mastering five young college going students, into making them the next winners on reality television.

How did the selection process happen?
My team consists of five enthusiastic young college students. The production house selected 20 best dancers from the whole of India and among whom I selected the best 5 to fom my ‘Masti Ki Paatshala’..

With your busy schedule, how do you manage to rehearse with your team?
It’s really tough. I have the most hectic schedule. There is no fixed schedule for rehearsal because I have shooting and also the students have their college, thus we need to adjust our time. We haven’t had much of rehearsal time until now. We all love dancing and the best of all is that the students are very keen on working hard.

Unlike other reality shows, Yeh Hai Jalwa does not have a jury; what do you have to say about that?
This is the best part of Jalwa. We all had done reality shows prior to this, in which there was pressure by the judges. But as every coin has two sides, here we don’t have the judges, so no one is there to point out your mistakes and tell you where you’re going wrong, though this time there will only be celebrity judges and the audience ofcourse, to vote for us..

You are a Jhalak winner, so do you think there is an added pressure on you when it comes to winning Jalwa?
There is no pressure of winning, but yes there is a pressure of teaching students and also to do something different, I want to show more of the hidden talent in me that the audience have not see me doing, in Jhalak.

Who do you think is your biggest contender in the competition?
Everyone is a good dancer, so it’s very tough for me to pin down just one.

One message to your viewers..

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Reporter: Ranjini Nair

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