New Musical Reality Show on 9X, Chak De Bachche

New Musical Reality Show very soon on 9x or titled Chak De Bacche, which will see the gorgeous Roshni Chopra and the Bhojpuri actor and singer, Manoj Tiwari hosting the show. Here is Roshni Chopra giving her thoughts on being on the other side of a reality show.

What’s with reality shows, you first participated in Jhoom India and now anchoring Chak De Bacche?

Yes, the excitement of reality shows is very addictive. Jhoom introduced me to the facet’s of my personality which I did not know even existed. Earlier I could never think of publicly singing and dancing. But now, I am ready to hit the Chak De floor at the drop of a hat.

What do you think is the difference between acting and anchoring?

When you act, you are bound by limitations of the character, but as an anchor, you are free to do your own thing. I always speak extempore when I am hosting events or anchoring my other Zoom TV show. But an anchor’s job is selfless, for he\she has to always stay away from the lime light.

What according to you would be the USP of this show on 9X?

As you already know, we will be looking for the kid, who sings and dances with the X-factor. But this is just the beginning; Chak De will have lots more, just tune in from March and find out for yourself.

Do you think its right to involve children in a format which entails a lot of negative emotions?

Agreed it’s a risk, but we have made the show in such a way that children will enjoy themselves. A healthy competition is always welcome, Gajendra ji is a past master at this format and he has assured me that we will not have regular reality’ show masala. That has been done to death any ways.

How will you handle the kids, more softly?

Softness can’t be brought in deliberately. Luckily I have always been very tender. My job would be to make the kids as comfortable as possible. Using my successful Jjhoom experience, I will tell them just one thing that, be yourself . If somebody else plays foul, don’t stoop to his\her level.

Girls never win reality contests. You have admitted to this in Jhoom, do you still stick to it?

I just hope that Chak De Bacche ends this unfortunate state of events. I make a plea to all the girl participants to please work harder, and I also request the audience also to vote for the fairer sex.

Do you think kids will get nervous on the big stage?

On the contrary, kids don’t have pre-conceived notions like elders. Hence they tend to be more natural.

Forget participants, reality show host also have issues, will some thing similar happen with you and Manoj Tiwari, your co-host on the show?

No, we have clear cut guide lines. The problem you mention occurs if both the hosts are of the same sex, age or talent. In our case we are as different as chalk and cheese. Since Manoj ji is new to anchoring, we have held many workshops to prevent any bloopers.

What next for Roshni on TV?

Right now, Chak de is keeping me busy. Kasamh Se has already tested all my acting skills, be it black, white or vegetable state. Hence I need something much more challenging to return to fiction. Been there done that you see!

You are doing the movie ‘Bhram’ opposite Dino Morea. Talk us thro’ the role.

It’s more of a cameo. I play a very glamorous, but sweet girl. I am open to more interesting Bollywood options as well.

Report By:: Anil Merani

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