Remening Zee TV’s Maayka

For the 14 jobless actors of Maayaka, the wait was worth it. Sood kept her promise and came up with a new show, Mera Sasural, within four months.So from Maayaka to Mera Sasural, has the cast accepted and adjusted to the change? Nearly 14 actors who quit Maayka and were jobless for four months are now set to take on a new show, Mera Sasural .Four months back Zee TV’s Maayka which was initially produced by Classic Productions was taken away from them and given to Dheeraj Kumar’s Creative Eye. Post this switch 14 actors including the lead girl Urmila Kanitkar, revolted against the channel and quit the show. That’s when creative head of the show, Anjana Sood supported them and promised to create a new show for them within six months.

Say our sources, naturally the Mera Sasural actors have a reason to smile now. Urmila Kanitkar, who plays the lead in both the shows, said, “We have complete faith and confidence in Anjana. She has kept her promise of giving us a new show. I have enjoyed working for Maayka and expect to enjoy Mera Sasural much more.”

When contacted, Anjana Sood said, “I am thankful to the actors of Maayka for having confidence in me and having patience. During the last few months, none of them called me even once to ask about the new show that I had promised them. All of them were getting several offers from various channels including Zee, but they turned them down and waited to hear from me. I will do my best and won’t let them down.”

When asked if all the actors received their payments from Maayka, Anjana quipped, “I don’t know. I have been too busy writing Mera Sasural.” Mera Sasural will be Sood’s first show as a producer and is expected to go on air on March 2.

Report By :Vickey Lalwani


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