Maayka’s Aarati Singh come back

Grahasti is a story basically of women and their hardships. Aarti, who set the charm in Maayka, joins in as one of the sisters. The Telly Buzz team spoke to the actress, who talks about her journey from Maayka to Grahasti .Aarti Singh of Maayka fame, hits the small screens once again with Star Dopahar’s latest venture – Grahasti.Aarti Singh who came into the limelight with Zee’s Maayka is back to telly world after a hiatus with Star Plus new offering for the afternoon slot, Grahasti.. “In Grahasti, I play the middle sister Rano. Rano is a girl who doesn’t want to study, and is not at all career-oriented.

She’s someone who just wants to get married.” says the actress. Further on the story, Aarti adds, “My track will gear up towards more drama, once my wedding has been decided, and then the story goes on from there. I cannot reveal more as of now. But yes, there is lot of drama to look out for…”

When asked about her long break post Maayka, Aarti stated, “Post Maayka, I took a really long good break. I went back home for a while. I got a call for a show on Sahara – Mera Sasural, which is somewhat like Maayka, but things didn’t begin for a while; the whole process just got delayed and in the mean time, I got a call for Grahasti as well. And being a show with Star and such a good team, I couldn’t help but commit myself here. Then in the mean time, that show started as well. But anyway, I am just concentrating on Grahasti now.”

Where there is a will, there is way!!

Reporter and Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt


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