Aamir Hafiz was Eliminated From Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

With this week’s elimination there was a big uproar on the sets of SRGMP. Read on to know more.

Flared tempers, fixing allegations erupted after Aamir Hafiz was eliminated from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champ. Aamir’s elder brother Firoze and his uncle created a ruckus after he was eliminated. Neither the host, judges or even the special guest Ustad Amjad Ali Khan could pacify Aamir’s relatives. They pulled Aamir off the stage and threatened to take this issue with the media.Aamir’s brother Firoze had this to say, “This is complete injustice. My brother was done in by the channel. When he’s already crooning for a film, why will the people vote against him? Aamir has been receiving votes form both India and abroad. Thus it’s hard to imagine how he could lag behind.

Not long ago, Aamir’s family and friends appealed to the public to vote for him as they were very poor. Often such desperate appeal doesn’t find favour with the public. Could this be the reason for the public not voting for him? An emotional Noor Jahan chides, “That may be true but the public will never discount the fact that Aamir is more talented than Tanmay.”

Hitting back at these allegations, Creative Head Payaol Patel says, “All I would say is that this is an emotional outburst. Such behaviour reflects immaturity on their part. Aamir himself handled this setback very sportingly and behaved in a mature manner than his brother and uncle. Even Sonuji blasted them saying that this is a classic case of biting the hand that feeds you. By the way, Aamir only lost by a slim margin to Tanmay.”

So, will they take any action against Hafiz, Payaol enunciates, “I don’t want to comment on this. We will take necessary steps only when required. However knowing the family very well, I’m sure they will calm down once the dust settles.

Reported By:Mayur Lookhar

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