Tulsi Will be a Serious Accident.

Tulsi will be travelling with Ganga when the accident takes place. The entire Virani family will rush to the hospital but the doctors will announce that Tulsi is dead.In Kyunki, Tulsi is going to die for the third time. This week she will meet with a serious accident.Will Tulsi be back this time? “I cannot give you further details about the track. However, I can say that Karan is going to change completely after the twist,” says the source.Before the leap when Tulsi was in Haridwar for 20 years, the Virani family thought that she was dead but she returned to the family.

After that when she ran away from mental asylum, her truck had an accident and that time too the Viranis felt she was no more. However, Tulsi returned again but with a new face.

In Thursday’s episode, Nandini comes to know that Mandira has stolen her child from the hospital and that the middle man who is troubling her is doing so on Mandira’s insistence.

On the other hand, Bhoomi is trying hard to find out the truth about Nandini. Karan is very depressed with treatment which he is getting from her. He thinks he will loose Nandini before their marriage happens again.

Report By:Sonali Joshi,

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