Karan Burnt His Hand While Shooting For The Show

Karan Patel aka Robbie of Kasturi is very enthusiastic and adventurous. He doesn’t like to use a body double for his stunts. Recently while performing a stunt for Kasturi he burnt himself. Earlier too he had injured himself on the same sets.Karan burnt his hand while shooting for the show. Thank God it was not too extreme. The shoot has been continued and he’ll get well soon,” says Creative Head, Kasturi , Nivedita Basu.How is Karan doing? “We are continuously shooting and Karan is doing fine. His hand was wounded but we don’t need much of his movements so it’s fine. Currently Robbie (Karan’s pet name) is on a wheel chair and thus we can continue with the shoot,” she adds.

But why doesn’t he use a body double when performing risky stunts as earlier too he had injured himself? “It’s the actor’s call at the end of the day. We don’t stop anyone from performing stunts. Even Ronit had shot for his death scene in Kayamath. Using a body double does not give you a real feeling thus most of these actors like to shoot such scenes on their own,” she explains.

How long will Karan take to get back on his feet? “He will be able to stand on his feet in two to three weeks. But getting back to normal will still take a little more time,” concludes Nivedita.

Karan Patel was not available for his statement.

Reported By :Rachana Trivedi

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