In Star plus new show Grahasti.

Grahasti which replaces Saarrthi will be aired 2:30 pm starting February 25th on Star PlusThe cast includes Kiran Kumar playing Balraaj Khurana and Vaidehi Amrute playing Amrit Khurana. The show will introduce three new and young faces namely Khusbhu, Aarti Singh and Neha Desai who will be playing the characters of three daughters namely Simar, Rano and Sohini respectively.

Talking about the show Sphere Origin’s Sanjay Wadhwa says, “We believe in making a concept that is different from the others running on different channels. Grahasti is about three daughters, their relationship with each other and the family. Two of them are Balraaj’s daughters and the third one is his sister’s daughter.”

In an attempt to pull in more viewers to their afternoon slot Star Plus has come up with their new show Grahasti. The show is produced by Sphere Origin. Grahasti is about a family of seven women and the patriarch of the family. It is a journey of these women as they cope with life after the loss of the only male member of the family.

Sanjay Wadhwa was not a bit apprehensive about airing his show in the afternoon band. He says, “The channel asked us to make a show that looks like prime time which will be aired in the afternoon band. It is a great looking show with great story and great performances.”

Commenting on the show, Anupama Mandloi, Star Plus’ Sr. Creative Director said, “Star Plus continues to offer its viewers original content and fresh programming in the afternoon band. Through Grahasti we are hoping to add newer viewers to our existing viewership. Our endeavor is to present a story of love, joy and family bonds in adverse situations.”

Report By :Neha Maheshwri

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