Gurdeep Kohli Devote More Time To her Family.

This isn’t the first time that Bhabhi’s female protagonists have left the show only to be replaced by other actresses. After the original Suhana, Dolly Sohi left the show; Rucha Gujarathi replaced her. However, Rucha left the show when Gurdeep’s character Geetanjali eventually became the show’s main lead. Kanchi Kaul, who had replaced Rucha as Suhana, is currently the main focus of the show. This didn’t leave any room for Gurdeep’s character to grow.

A source says, “Gurdeep has had no time for herself and was shooting back-to-back as she was one of the key characters in Bhabhi, which is a daily afternoon soap. But now, she doesn’t want to have a hectic work life.

Gurdeep Kohli aka Geetanjali of Bhabhi has quit the show barely after six months of working in the show. The actress decided to opt out as she wants to devote more time to her family. She married actor Arjun Punj in December 2006. Gurdeep is currently hosting a breakfast show on a new channel.

For now, the track in Bhabhi is focussing on Kanchi Kaul’s character Suhana. The show’s creative team decided to end Gurdeep’s track in January and she last shot for the show on February 6.

Gurdeep, who is currently holidaying in Lonavla, says, “I was given the liberty to choose which character I wanted to play — Suhana or Geetanjali in Bhabhi. I decided to be Geetanjali as playing Suhana would have required me to put in longer hours at work. However, Geetanjali’s character has nothing much to do now. I worked in the show for six months and it’s doing well. I am taking a much-needed break now. I am happy that they have ended my character in the show. If something good and worthwhile comes up later I will take it up. I just want to rest right now.”

Bhabhi’s creative director, Richa Yamini says, “We had a farewell party for Gurdeep recently. For now, we have ended her character but if the story demands we might get her back in the show later. We parted ways amicably and would love to work with her again.”

“The story demanded that Suhana make a sacrifice while Geetanjali goes away forever. We will now focus on Suhana’s life and the problems that she will face. We will also be roping in some new actors to spice up the track,” adds Richa.

Reported By:Kavita Shyam

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