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Here is a chit-chat with the talented actor..Please give us a little insight to the character.I play Alekh, the son of Vasundhra and Indrajeet Rajvansh, and I am a schizophrenic character. Some past incident is still in my mind, which has made me subtle and yet I get beyond aggressive at times. He is only comfortable with his Chotti Masi and whenever he sees other people, he becomes very aggressive and feels uneasy. It might sound like what Sharad played in Dulhann and what Varun did in Koshish Ek Asha, however, the character is very much different. The characters shown in both the shows were naïve, but here there is no childish element involved. I am normal always stay in my own world, but sometimes become aggressive.

Angad Hasija, the dashing model from Punjab was introduced into the telly world in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, where he played a cameo of Angad, who was due to get engaged to Bhoomi, daughter of Karan. The actor has now come a long way and is now cast as the lead in Rajan Shahi’s Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai. He plays a Schizophrenic character here and is very much excited to be a part of this wonderful unit.

Your entry was the major surprise element in the track and was showcased in a big way.. Talk us thro’ that experience.

Yes, the shooting was done with me long back but later on they thought that something more should be added to it. So they had done a party scene in which my brother returns from America and then they showed Sadhna opening the Guest house room. My entry scene was directed by Rajan Shahi himself.

Didn’t you find it challenging by taking up such a role when it is already done by established actors like Varun and Sharad?

I was casted within one day for this role. I had given the audition in the morning and then in the evening, the production house called me for the look test. So when things were working fine for me, whay fear?

Can you tell something about your past projects?

I am basically from Punjab. I have done my videos in Punjab and have been rated as a top model of Punjab this year. After coming to Mumbai, I did an acting course followed by a cameo role in Kyunki. But I always wanted something that would be big and people would recognize me.

How is working with Balaji and then with Rajan Shahi in Bidaai?

I think I am very lucky to work with such well know production houses. People coming down to Mumbai really need luck to work with such known production houses. Working with the Bidaai team has been great, the team is quite friendly and all the co starts are very cooperative.

Lastly, have you always dreamt of becoming an actor?

Seriously, I always dreamt of becoming an actor. I always wanted to play such a role that audience can be a part of, and playing a role like such is challenging for me. I am not concentrating on any other project, just want to give Bidaai my best shot.

Reporter : Ranjini Nair

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