Dill Mill Gayye.. “No comments”.

The actress who is now currently in the lime light with Dahhej on 9X, has just one answer to all media queries on her comeback to Dill Mill Gayye.. “No comments”. All the reporters there had the same question to ask, whether Dr. Sapna will stage a comeback. She simply said, “I don’t know anything, please ask the creative team.” On trying to get on to some more info, when the reporters quizzed her on the track in Dahhej, the actress promptly came out with the same above answer. Recently, the Dil Mill Gayye cast and crew got together for a one of a kind Valentine’s night out. Among the actors present there, we caught up with Muskan Mehani who had made her presence in the Star One show, but now has slowly faded off with time.

Upon asking, what’s next in her career, she said, “I might do a film”. Thinking that they may have something here, the scribes made the cardinal sin of asking her about the role, the girl again immediately went into her shell and remarked, “If I say anything, my director will kill me.”

Author: Anil Merani

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