Juhi Parmar has been Lucky

Through its six-year run, Kumkum has introduced many characters to include younger generations. Juhi has been on the show since its inception; and recently when she refused to play a woman twice her age, a new track was introduced featuring her and Hussain making a comeback following reincarnation.Nausheen Ali Sardar (Kkusum) and Cezanne Khan (Kasautii Zindagi Kay) quit their respective roles in the past, refusing to take generation leaps; but Kumkum’s female lead Juhi Parmar has been lucky. When talks of her streaking her hair grey to play a 45-year-old came about, she put her foot down and threatened to quit. The producers had no choice but to change her track and introduce her in a younger avatar, which will be on air shortly.

Says Rajesh Chaddha, Senior Vice President of BAG Films, “Juhi makes a transition from a 45-year-old to a 20-year-old. The idea of reincarnation where Juhi aka Kumkum and Hussain aka Sumit come back as a young couple worked for everybody. After all, the show is all about their love story.”

Chaddha adds, “Juhi deserved a break after working for six years on the show. Even Hussain was given a break following his marriage. Juhi’s health was being affected because of the daily grind.”

A thrilled Juhi is working hard to get into shape for her new role. Says a source, “Juhi is on a weight loss regime as she will now play a younger character.” The source adds that Juhi’s look will be revamped, complete with a spiffy wardrobe. “After playing mother for a while she now needs to tone up for the new role. Besides this, fresh faces have been added in the cast and the show will have a brand new look,” says the source.

Says Juhi, “Is losing two kilos qualified as a weight loss spree? I simply want to look fit.” She adds, “I needed a break after working continuously for such a long time. I wanted to spend some time with my family. It’s just that my break coincided with the revamping of the show.”

Report By:Kavita Shyam

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