Indraneil n Bisht On Valentine’s Day eve

One of Tellywood’s hot couples, Indraneil Sengupta and Barkha Bisht , are set to tie the knot very soon.

Unlike some, the two have never shied away from professing their love for each other. On Valentine’s Day eve, the groom-to-be spoke exclusively to Mayur Lookhar.

Perfect idea of Valentine’s Day: First of all, to have a day off from work. Going out of Mumbai with my partner and switching off our mobile phones. Spend quality time together with roses, wine and great food.

Will it pan out this way on Valentine’s Day this year ? Unfortunately, both of us will be shooting on this Valentine’s Day. So, we’ll have to be in Mumbai.

Surprise gifts: I haven’t thought up anything yet. I’ve exhausted all my ideas. I’ve gifted her everything last year, so I’m all broke for ideas. Mind you, the thing that’s occupying my mind most is the expense I will be incurring for our wedding.

My most memorable Valentine’s Day? It was last year, when I gifted a ring to Barkha. That wasn’t a proposal ring. It was special because it was for the first time that I gifted a ring to any woman.

Is Valentine’s Day an urban centric concept? One tends to relate Valentine’s Day with urban areas simply because it gets more exposure there. However, Valentine’s Day is a day when you celebrate love and love is never urban or rural centric.

Reported By:Mitesh Bhuvad

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