I Came Back To Show.

Little did 12-year-old Smita Nandy know that she’ll have to pay a heavy price for participating in Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs. When Smita was eliminated, her father Sujit Nandy could not take it and he suffered a heart attack. While Smita remained unavailable for comment, we spoke to Sujit who is recuperating in a hospital in Kolkata. He confirmed and said, “Yes, I have suffered a cardiac stroke. I am struggling. I am unwell.Smita should have reached the finals. I don’t know why she was eliminated. But I guess, that’s our destiny,” he said abjectly, not concealing his disappointment.

Smita is still with her mother in Mumbai. “I am left here fending for myself. My wife and daughter rushed here and were with me for two days, but they had to return to Mumbai because they got a call from Zee TV.”

Seeing Smita’s plight, her friend and co-contestant, Anamika refused to go through the elimination rounds. In fact, she walked out of the show. “When Smita called me and told me about her father’s condition, I was devastated. I feared that my dad might undergo the same, if and when I am chucked out. So I decided to quit the show.”

A special concession was made by the channel for Anamika. “My mom and the channel heads of the show told me that I need not worry. My mom assured me that my dad is fine and he would be more disappointed if I abandoned the show midway. Reluctantly, I came back to show.

reported by:Sujit Nandy

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