Deepti Devi Hurt In Car Mishap

Television actors are accident prone. The latest is Deepti Devi (aka Radha of Parrivar) who was hurt in a minor car accident.This incident occurred while enacting a fast and furious scene. Deepti was perched inside a car which was moving frenetically. A truck was to ram into the car from behind but before this could occur, Deepti’s car lost its balance and rammed into a tree. In the process, Deepti ended up with bruises.

Despite repeated attempts, Deepti was unavailable for comment. We asked Sandip Sikand, Creative Director, Miditech (Parrivar’s producers) about the accident. “Yes. This incident did occur but it was only a minor accident. Deepti did suffer minor injuries but she resumed shooting after taking a break.”

Well as they say, all’s well that ends well.

Reporter: Mayur Lookhar

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