Raja Ki Ayeegi Baraat

Catch the latest drama on Star Plus. Rani is a young girl from the village whose only dream is to make her family proud and happy. She is innocent and shy. She very good at her studies while her mother is the sole breadwinner of their family as her father is no more. Rani also has a younger brother and a grandmother. Like every other girl her age, Rani has hopes, dreams and aspirations of her prince charming taking her away from her uninteresting, drab and routine life to give her the worlds best of material riches and plenty of love.

However, Rani’s fate has something else in store for her..Will she be able to win the heart of her prince? And, will she be accepted as the ‘Bahu’ of the Royal Family in which she works as a servant?

Beginning January 21, Mon-Thurs at 8 pm IST on Star Plus

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