Milind and Prachi together – NO DIVORCE

Due to heavy public demand, the story of Kayamath, Ekta’s serial running on star plus is being changed. Previously, Milind & Prachi were supposed to get divorce, but now script writers are taking heed of public demand.

A source from the production house informed us, “We are getting lots of responses from the public saying that they want to see Milind and Prachi together in the show. That’s not all. The channel is also thinking about bringing them together.”

Anil Nagpal, writer of the show, said that he was not aware about such demands made by public but agreed, “I know people love to see Milind and Prachi’s on screen chemistry. Their divorce is going to take place however their temporary patch up is obviously there. But this will not last for a long time. After that Neev, who has not been seen in the show for a long time, will make a re-entry. With it, there will huge a twist and a romantic – emotional drama in the coming two weeks.”

The writer adds that he is very happy with the way the show is progressing. “Kayamath got the highest TRPs last week on Star Plus. The show is picking up really very fast so I am enjoying writing for it.”

In the last episode, Prachi came to know that they will get a divorce in two days. However, Milind’s sister Sukruti is trying hard to save their marriage by telling Milind the truth about the child which is hers not Prachi’s. Sukruti delivered a baby whose father is Aalap before marrying Saket.

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