Kaho Na Yaar Hai has been on Air

Karan Patel will not be heading to the sets of Kasturi or Kaho Na Yaar Hai (the show which goes on air from January 18) but will be nursing his wounds at home instead. The actor met with an accident while riding his friend’s bike and has suffered a skull fracture. Karan was rushed to a nearby clinic and then later in the evening he was shifted to Hinduja hospital.He has been advised complete bed rest for 10 days. The shooting schedule for Kaho Na Yaar Hai has been delayed by a week.

Karan recounts, “On Friday, my friends and I decided to bunk our gym and head for an early morning coffee at 6.30 am, at Lokhandwala. I was about to take a turn when I somehow missed it and my bike went skidding throwing me off some 30 metres away. I didn’t get too many scratches but I noticed my left ear bleeding profusely.”

He adds, “When my friends noticed blood oozing out of my left ear continuously, they rushed me to a nearby clinic.The doctor gave me immediate first-aid. Later, they shifted me to Hinduja hospital. On examination they found that I had an internal skull fracture, behind my left ear.”

Still reeling under severe pain Karan says, “I have blood clots in my head and it’s very painful. I can’t lie on my left side as I can’t put any pressure on my left ear. I have been advised complete bed-rest for at least 10 days. I have also been asked by my family to stay away from bikes.”

Karan talks to us about his passion for bikes. He says, “I am crazy about bikes and was all set to buy a sports bike. Now it won’t be possible. Though I will not be able to shoot extensively, I will try my best to shoot for a few hours for the new reality-game show that is scheduled to go on air on January 18. But, for this I will have to take special permission.”

Will Karan’s absence delay the launch of Kaho Na Yaar Hai? Says Anupama Mondoloi, creative and programming head, Star Plus, “Fortunately, we shot some episodes for Kaho Na Yaar Hai recently. Those episodes are enough to carry over the show for three weeks. But, for the second schedule we don’t have a bank. It has been postponed by one week till he recovers. We are hoping that he gets well soon and begins shooting with us.

Reporter:Kavita Shyam

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