“I Refuse To Stand like A prop”

Ketki Dave aka Daksha Virani of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi has been acting tough on the sets. The actress has stopped reporting on the sets, after the combo episode in December. Ketki who made a comeback into the show in February, 2007 is not happy with her present track.Earlier, her character had a major role in the serial but now, she is just a part of the rest of the cast. A source in the production house says, “When Ketki came back in the show, we aired promos on the channel and gave her a very good track. Kyunki… is the story of a joint family and she plays one of the many members of the family. Needless to say, she was not happy being a part of the crowd.

The source adds, “She demanded that her character must have more prominence in the show. She does not want to be part of the family scene.The creative team, however, did not oblige Ketki and that left Ketki fuming. She told the creative team that she will not come to the sets unless she gets solo scenes and a separate track. Ketki says that she was called back to the show promising her a good track. When she realised that she was only a part of the family and did not have a major role to herself, she threw a fit and walked out of the sets.

The source further says, “Ketki has walked out of the sets at least four times. After the combo episode she is not shooting for Kyunki… any more. The creative team has decided to go ahead and shoot without her.”

When contacted, Ketki seems unperturbed. She confirms, “Yes, I am not shooting for Kyunki… any more. There is nothing interesting happening with my track, so I felt it was better not to shoot.”

She adds, “I have done Kyunki… for more than one-and-a-half years in my first stint. Earlier, characters like Daksha had a lot to contribute to the story. In fact, all the characters were intricately interlinked, unlike now, where the track is on a single character. When I made a comeback in February, I had a good role in my hands. But, the scenario has completely changed. I refuse to stand like a prop. That’s why I have told the creative team to call me only when there is something worthy for me. I received a call to report on the sets but realised that it was only a family scene. So, I decided to leave.”

Ketki justifies her action, saying, “I am an actress and I look for creative satisfaction. I don’t work for money. I know that a lot of actors who work as props in a show just to earn money. I don’t belong to that category.”

When we ask if she has spoken to Ekta about her decision to quit the show unless offered a better track, she replies. “Why should I speak to Ekta? I have spoken to the creative team of the show!”

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