Salsa Time for Amit Sareen

Amit Sareen who was last seen in Doli Saja Ke is now busy shaking a leg with his wife. He has recently joined salsa classes and is enjoying his mini vacation in Delhi. Amit always loved to dance. And hence now that he has some free time on his hands has decided to get salsa technically right.I love to dance and had learned some forms of it. This is another new form that I wanted to learn since long and now that I’ve time so why not utilise it?” asks Amit Sareen.

What are the other dance forms that you have learned? “I have learned jazz and Bollywood style. It’s such a good feeling to do those latka jhatka of Bollywood. Though it was long back, when I started shooting for my serials I could not get time to concentrate on my hobbies. Doing salsa gives you a cozy feeling and I’m enjoying it with my wife,” he adds.

So after Doli Saja Ke what’s next on your plate? “Well for the time being there is nothing as yet. Will let you know once everything is finalised,” he concludes.

Good to hear that both he and wife are matching steps. Way to go!

Reported :Rachana Trivedi

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