Starry tantrum on Left Right Left

As the fashion of the star actor, starry tantrums of six actor of Left Right Left has become more difficult to handle for the producer. The six cadets – Priyanka Bassi aka Naina, Gazal Rai aka Pooja, Vikas Manaktala aka Huda, Arjun Bijlani aka Alekh, Harshad Chopra aka Ali and Kunal Kapoor aka Yudi- have been sacked from the show. The producers will get fresh actors who will soon be introduced in the show.

As the show TRP rose this stars started showing their tantrums.Reporting late on the shoot anddemanding heavy prices had already made the sitution worst. Other than their indiscipline and unpunctuality, the actors would also get into fights with other unit members.

Our source adds, “Right after Rajeev’s exit from the show, the actors demanded a pay hike and the producers had no option but to oblige. Immediately after the raise, they asked for separate make-up rooms. This time also, the producers gave in to their demands. However, the tantrums became impossible to take after a while.”

When contacted, one of the six cadets, Priyanka Bassi who plays Naina in the show, confirmed the story. She says, “Yes, the producers have informed us that our characters will graduate to the lieutenant level and new ones will be introduced in the show”.

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