Musical Reality Shows of the Week : Critical Analysis

After watching this week’s shows, the viewers are left with a medley of emotions – happiness, sadness, content, discontent, shock, outrage and so many more. If the performances were superb, then the reactions of certain judges literally blew sanity out of one’s mind. If little pranks and innocence of the little kids was endearing, then the various attempts to woo the celebrity beauty was so repetitive. If the singing left one on a high, the shock of the elimination left one low.

In SaReGaMaPa Lil Champs, with every passing week the performances are improving. It’s really surprising to see the Lil contestants pick up such difficult songs and sing them with such ease. The confidence level is still a little low and so the two Judges are steering the herd to the best of their abilities with their advices and tender loving care that the general feel in the sets is that of one big happy family. The set, the ambience and the vibes so truly resemble the Masti ki Paathshala motto and seems like the judges are taking this motto to the grades being given to the contestants too. If an exceptionally brilliant performance was getting “A” so was one who was doing it less better which seemed bit unfair. It was really nice to see the way the production crew arranged for an impromptu cake cutting ceremony thus fulfilling the wish of the youngest participant who had wished to cut a birthday cake together with Sonu Nigam. Again the question arises how fair was that to the other kids? Will they also get the similar opportunity? This week saw the first elimination. Sahil one of the promising contestants had to bow out as the others performed much better than him.

SVOI on the other hand left one with mixed feelings. Performance wise all four of them were good. It’s coincidental in SVOI that the best performer of the day gets eliminated on that very Friday. It has happened before with many and this time was no different. This week it was Toshi who faced this. The day he gave his best performances he was voted out. It’s also surprising to note the drastic fluctuations in votes from week to week. The voting trend in SVOI is surely an enigma – How can the highest vote getter of one week receive the least the following week when normally at this stage of the show almost every contestant has a steady fan base. From the reactions of the judges, the audience there, now one question comes to mind – Will there be another wild card now? The way this show has taken sudden decisions it may not come as big surprise for the viewers though!!

The reaction of the judges this week left one still dismayed. The judges were on exemplary behavior on Friday but Saturday they were back to their normal selves. They seem to get carried away too easily. Lalit’s calling some region voting “Anaap Shanap” sounded very inappropriate. Abhijit’s comment on Saturday about “The Voice” of Voice of India is gone after Toshi’s elimination, was very unfair to the remaining 3 contestants. Abhijit’s objection to Ishmeet’s 80’s disco song selection on Saturday sounded more as if he has issue with the song itself more than the song selection. It’s strange that at this stage of the contest the judges are ignorant of their own gharana participant’s selections and they make an issue openly which the opponent judges pick up as cue and take potshots at that participant. Why object now, why not when the song got selected in the first place? In these personal ego trips, it’s the participants who get affected the most.

The success of a show is dependant on many factors, one key factor being fair judgment. Tragically, in most reality shows this is the most compromised area and the judges get away with most unsavoury behavior. These “judgmental errors” are also a big cause in bringing the quality and the TRP of a show down. Unless they clean up their acts, the shows will lose out on a great chunk of viewers. It’s the “Show” that appeals to the viewers not the “Showdowns”.

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