Nach Baliye with the team of ‘Om Shanti Om’!

Its Diwali time, and what better way to celebrate this festive season with lots of naach-gaana..and drama too! Nach Baliye celebrated Diwali, a week in advance with the Om Shanti Om team – director Farah Khan & debutante Deepika Padukone!

The theme for Week 7 – SRK songs choreographed by Farah Khan. And to add to that – all jodi’s were given ‘props’ by Farah herself, to see how creative were the jodi’s & their choreographers.

Top-notch performances of the evening, came from Rakhi-Abhishek & Kashmera-Krushna. Rakhi-Abhishek were given ‘diyas’ as their prop which they used to great effect. Likewise, Kashmera-Krushna used their prop – a rope, with Kashmera enacting like a puppet! Their performance was highly appreciated by all the judges which got them a full score.. Farah even went on to tell their choreographer, Nitin, that he choreographed it better than she did!

Alex-Sweta, Karan-Amita & Aamir-Sanjeeda continued their steady run with consistent performances..and scores alike!

Some fun moments interspersed, with AV’s shown of Farah on the sets of her film Om Shanti Om, and also, actor Shreyas Talpade conveying his best wishes to Farah.. An emotional moment for Deepika, when an AV was played of her father, Prakash Padukone, wishing her good luck for the film.

All the performances over..and it was time to announce the ‘Choreographer of the Day’! Since there were 2 choreographers, Vaibhavi & Farah, as was only fair that they jointly decide and announce the winners! And the winners were, Pratap & Nitin – Rakhi-Abhishek & Krushna-Kashmera’s choreographers respectively.

The last performance of the evening – the male contestants took to the dance floor, gyrating to SRK’s most popular number from Om Shanti Om.. Dard-E-Disco, especially for Deepika! Quite flattering, must say!

Farah left everyone gasping for more, when she announced that Shahrukh Khan would be the celebrity judge on Nach Baliye the following week.. Judges, Jodi’s, Hosts and viewers are all looking forward to the Diwali episode! Truly gonna be a dhamakedaar one!

While the performance episode on Friday was all fun & frolic, the elimination episode was dedicated to drama galore! The opening act was by Manav Gohil & Rajiv Paul, dancing to the tunes of Heyy Babyy! Soon after, things got serious when all the jodi’s were asked their opinion about Rakhi Sawant. While the jodi’s present spoke of Rakhi being a lovely person and a complete entertainer..Pooja Bedi was more forthright in her opinion about Rakhi and her so-called ‘dramatics’ on & off camera..and clearly, Rakhi was annoyed! Question is – are such tactics necessary? Does it matter to viewers that Rakhi brings a teddy bear on the set or that an AV of her ailing mother is aired?

One by one, the safe jodi’s were announced and once again, Alex-Sweta & Kashmera-Krushna were left in the danger zone. Rakhi was called on to announce the eliminated jodi..and who was it? Kashmera-Krushna! And there was pin-drop silence on the sets! The judges and jodi’s were equally shocked! After 2 consecutive weeks of perfect scores..what went wrong? Kashmera-Krushna scored well with the judges..but the janta? Seems like, despite being amongst the judges’ favourites, Kashmera-Krushna were unable to make a place for themselves in the hearts’ of the voting audience! Once again, the question the janta making the right choice? Or are they blindly voting for their favourites..whether they deserve it or not? Thats a never-ending debate!

What came as a bigger shock – Kashmera’s angry walk-out, dragging a very shocked Krushna along with her! Quite understandable that Kashmera was upset at her elimination..but, she should know that such walkouts don’t get her any brownie points from the viewers. Hopefully, the hurt & anger gets channelised in the right direction, and Kashmera & Krushna bounce back with the ‘Wild Card’ entry..

Overall, a week of dance, masti & drama.. and lots more to look forward to next week! With Shahrukh Khan on the sets of Nach Baliye..its truly time to celebrate! Happy Diwali!

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