The Show Must Go On…

Ronit & Nichole, in Jhalak Dikhla Ja, are touted as amongst the strongest jodi’s and a force to reckon with. They continue to go from strength to strength, ups & downs nothwithstanding. A major setback for the jodi, when Nichole recently met with an accident and injured her calves. But the young lady didn’t give up and was determined to perform alongside her partner Ronit Roy. Ronit, seemed a bit nervous for Nichole, but gave it his 100%. In Friday’s episode, both took to the dance floor and were courage personified.

Ronit lifted Nicole throughout and both came up with a superb performance, for which they received a score of 25 for their efforts, and a standing ovation by none other than Shiamak Davar! With rehearsals on in full swing, the jodi is now ready for the next round, leaving no stone unturned to come up with yet another brilliant performance.

We asked the star himself, for his take on the whole situation, “Rehearsals are going on ok. At least Nichole is better. We are trying to come to the level after the injury setback, off course. It’s a tough task but we’ll try to do our best.”

Apparently, Nichole’s father isn’t too pleased with the idea of Nichole performing, but Nichole insists on giving her best shot. Wishing Nichole a speedy recovery, and the jodi the very best for the next round.

Reporter: Hiral Bhatt

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