Mir Ranjan Negi Tops Again, in this week’s Gala!

It seems like this week’s Jhalak Dikhhala Jaa is even more unforgettable than all the other episodes! Along with cheering and clapping for your favourite contestants, the viewers and contestants themselves will have a chance to win some gold coins in this fun-filled special Diwali episode. You will not want to miss this golden chance to celebrate Diwali with winning some gold coins as well!

And it seems that the contestants just continue to work harder, despite the busy schedules and timings – with the theme as hip-hop this week, contestants move their feet and dance to the beats of the fast-paced hip-hop music. Just like the eliminations are surprising, so are the performances – “Underdog” Hockey Coach Mir Ranjan Negi shows off his cool and stylish grooves with his partner Manischa Fernandes, and according to a source, “Negi recreated his magic again for the second week running, and got perfect scores this week too. He got a standing ovation for his dance, won a gold coin for his fabulous performance and also was cheered by the audience and the judges with’Once More’ cries. Infact, Jeetuji had no adjectives left, after seeing Negi’s stupendous performance.”

According to our source, some people thought Negi getting a perfect 30, the first time was a fluke – but this round of perfect scores again proves this theory wrong, as we know that Negi is talented and hard-working, and it shows in his performances! Viewers can’t underestimate this contestant as he is definitely a potential candidate in the running for winning Jhalak Dikhhala Jaa.

With Jhalak Dikhhala Jaa giving you a chance to win gold coins on Diwali, listen to the cool tunes of hip-hop music, and watch even more marvellous performances. This episode on Friday will not be one you want to miss. Don’t forget to dance along with this masti-filled episode on Friday, 9th November at 9 PM.

Author: Ammu

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