‘I Highly Recommend Kucch Is Tara’ – Ekta Kapoor

Balaji Telefilms is ready with one of finest products for Sony Entertainment Television. Starting on the 26th of November, the prime time slot of 9:00pm will be taken over by Balaji’s latest – Kuchh Iss Tara… Pyaar Aayega Side Effects Laayega. Ekta Kapoor who is ever famous for stale story tracks now brings in a fresh dose of entertainment to the small screen with Kuchh Iss Tara. It’s a romantic comedy between a young girl-next-door and a rich, yet charming young man. Cupid strikes, as these two young lads fall in love, and along with it come an over dose of side effects in their lives.

Kanya (Dimple Jhangiani) hails from a middle class family where her father is a Maharashtrian and mother is a Punjabi. A simple girl-next-door who fancies about finding her prince charming, who will bring in with him a whole new world. Kanya falls in love with Aayan (Vishal Singh) who’s the perfect lover boy. Love blossoms between the two but things go for a toss as Aayan’s uncle – Ranbir (Akashdeep Saigal) enters their life as a ‘hate guru’ and adds the special side effects into their lives.

Ekta Kapoor belives that Kuchh Iss Tara is one of the finest products prepared by Balaji. “I highly recommend Kuchh Iss Tara. As a TV viewer, I was bored of watching TV and thought that there needs to be something fresh, and its time for a change. We came up with Kuchh Iss Tara, which is sure to entertain the audience to the fullest. After five years am I satisfied with what we’ve done, and I am sure the audiences will appreciate the fresh dose that we are trying to bring in…”

Introducing Vishal Singh and Dimple Jhangiani as Aayan Nanda and Kanya Godbole along with superstars like Akashdeep Saigal as Ranbir, Sudha Chandran as Mallika Deewan Nanda, Rajendra Gupta as Aanant Godbole, Tarana Raja as Pooja Godbole, Jayati Bhatia as Pammi Godbole and many more..

Catch Kuchh Is Tara
Starting the 26th of November, Monday to Thursday, 9:00pm
Sony Entertainment Television.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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