A Bitter First Elimination In Jhoom India

Be prepared for a major shock this Friday on Jjhoom India. One of the better singer of this Sahara One reality show, Apara Mehta has been voted out. The controversial elimination procedure which everybody has been talking about, has taken it first unfortunate victim.

Here the combined judges and audience vote only save the top 3 jodis. Then the remaining seven start saving one jodi until the last one is left in the cold A source says that in the end, Apara and Shweta Tiwari were left in the fray and the Kasauti lead got saved.

Apara was disturbed at being eliminated despite singing so well. �This just goes to show that the remaining contestants were scared of tough competition, hence they threw me out.” She blamed the format for bringing out the worst in human nature. “I request the public not to waste sms money, for any way you have no say in the elimination…” she added.

Roshni Chopra one of the other contestants, felt very sad at the whole drama: �It left a very sour taste in my mouth�. She further added that if it were in my hand, I would surely bring Apara ji back.
Anchor Sucheta also was not happy at the format but said that once you are in the game, you have to go with the flow, good or bad.

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