Perfection Thy name is Zee!

As Zee continues to be ahead in the TRP game chart, the channel makes sure that it does not leave any stone unturned to retain its position. Other than launching fresh concepts, Zee sees to it that they don’t compromise with the quality of the shows.

Zee recently planned to add in yet another exciting new flavor – Ardhangini, a love story starring Sudeepa Singh and Ajay Krish into its kitty. Ardhanigni was to begin today, the 15th of October, but the channel at the last minute decided to post pone the start date of the show. The show will now begin on the 29th of October at the earlier decided slot of 11pm.

According to sources, the channel was not happy with the way the show was presented and decided to give the production house enough time to make new episodes. “The channel wasn’t impressed with the technicalities of the show. The way the show was presented wasn’t appeasing to them. The channel spoke to the production house, and they mutually agreed to redo all the previously shot episodes. Considering the high standards Zee has set for themselves, the decision taken by them, is absolutely justified. The promos look so elegant and the episodes also need to carry forward the same standards.. ”

Well, this definitely shows that Zee is not ready to compromise one bit on the final product and can go to any extent to get good TRPs. Why not? Only when you aim for the best, will one get best results, isn’t it? ..So way to go, Zee!!

Catch Ardhagini starting the 29th of October at 11:00pm on Zee TV.


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