Aneek Dhar Wins SaReGaMaPa – Pictures included

Aneek Dhar is the Winner of SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2007. Check out for details and winning pictures.

The last two weeks of tension, apprehensions, jubiliations, heart attacks, wishful thinking, the craze that gripped millions of fans who campaigned and voted relentlessly 24/7, have now decided the winner for the much sought after #1 crown. The mandates have chosen the topper. It is none other than the 18 year old Royal Bengal Cub of Kolkata – Aneek Dhar!! He beat Bikaner’s Raja Hasan and Pakistan’s Amanat Ali to take the title “Vishvayudh ka Vijeta”. Raja was declared

the first runner up and Amanat the second runner up in the closely contested finals. Poonam was declared one of the “Spark of the show”. Mauli got the performer of the show crown for her first performance on Maiya Maiya.

The grand finale, which was held in Mumbai’s Andheri Sports Complex on October 13, saw thousands of fans waiting breathlessly for the results, while millions others watched it from their homes. The show was a lavish and extravagant affair and the stadium was packed to capacity. All the top 12 were back on stage performing and it was really nice to see them all enjoying so well. The episode lasted for 4 hours with some nostalgic performances by the mentors, host, all the contesttants and by the past contestants. The results indicate that this show has received a record-breaking 106,144,334 votes collected worldwide for the Grand Finale. Aneek received a total vote count of 3,65,89,134 votes, while first runner up Raja Hasan receieved 352,40,963 votes and second runner up Amanat Ali received 3,43,14,257 votes.

The show surprise was Akshay’s live performance and he sang quite well. The three winners gave very touching thank you speech and behaved with a lot of dignity, making the viewers emotional as well. They surely made a place in everyone’s hearts. The musical journey that started 6 months back surely got a fitting closure.

Our heartiest congratulations to all the winners!!!

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