Romance in the Air for Aamir Ali

The romantic side of Aamir Ali is atlast seen. Here is Aamir talking about the love of his life, Sanjeeda.

Although Nach Balliye Jodi no 7 Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh have become a couple very recently, their on and off screen chemistry seems to suggest that they have been together for ages. In an effort to understand what makes this cute couple tick, Tellybuzz caught up with Aamir Ali and quizzed this self confesed reserved dude on the love of his life.

What’s your definition of love ?

It not some thing that happens over night. True romance can only bloom over time.

One trait of your Baliye, that you love the most ?

Sanjeeda always appears happy and content. Her level of self satisfaction amazes me.

Any particular quality you would want her to change?

She should be a little more responsible. Babe, get serious in life .

Why did you come clean about your relationship now?

I am a very private person. And what better stage than Nach to show to the world, that we are madly in love.

If you do win Nach Balliye 3, where will you celebrate?Inshallah, We will rock the beaches of Goa.

How do you deal with the small fights that inevetibly happens during rehearsals?

It took us a week to understand each other’s strength’s and weaknesses. But now, we are in total sync.

What are the most essential qualities that sustain any relationship?

Space and trust.

What’s the best gift you have given her till date?
My undying love. What more can a girl ask for.

Have you ever cooked for her?
Never, best I have ever done was to warm her food.

Will you ever enter into a live in relationship ?
I respect my mother far too much, to even think of pulling such a stunt.

Author: Anil Merani

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