‘We are preparing for our first album’ – Meiyang Chang

Meiyang Chang is all set to improve on his skills as a singer and get better. He talks about the band they have formed and much more…

A Doctor by profession, Meiyang Chang has a new remedy up his sleeves now, for his patients and his fans, – ‘His unusual soothing voice and his rocking numbers’. The whole nation has been in awe of ‘Chingoo Mingoo’ ever since he took to the stage of Indian Idol as a contestant. Very jovial in nature and pleasing to talk to, Chang is a Gentleman to the Core.

Telly Buzz caught up with Chang recently who

said, “It feels really good that people recognize us now. The feedback I have got is that, I did really well in Indian Idol and that, I will surely do well in life.. It’s really motivating.”

What is Dr. Chang up to nowadays? “Doctor Chang has now retired, while Singer Chang has a long way to go. (Laughs)I have a good voice, but need to get better with my knowledge on music; I need to overcome my limitations as a singer. I realize that when I was in Indian Idol, I just aimed to get better with every performance. But the killer instinct in me was missing. So I now want to be really good and get better in all aspects.”

Now that Dr. Chang has retired, what will happen to your patients? Are they not sad? “My patients are dejected for sure. But when I make them smile with my songs, my job as a dentist is also done.”, says Chang with a hearty laugh.

When is Chin and Chang happening? “Chin and Chang will happen soon. Alisha Ma’am is busy as of now; I am in touch with her. Let’s hope for the best.”

What are your plans for future? “I have big plans and hopes for future. Hope all fall in place and I am hoping to have a good future. We have formed a band as of now. We are planning lot of things. The band comprises of me, Parleen, Suhit and Abhishek. Sony BMG is actually training us in all aspects right now. We are preparing for our first album. We do not know when the album will be out. As of now, nothing other than the fact that we are going to be launched in a big way is disclosed.”

Wishing Chang, Suhit, Parleen and Abhishek all the very best for their Music Album..

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh

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