Circus on Television After 16 Long Years!

Sony’s Amber Dhara is all set to take the viewers into the world of Circus, as the Dejavu of Circus is recreated after 16 long years. Watch Amber and Dhara perform in Circus..

The word ‘Circus’ on Television takes us back to the memorable days, when the now ‘Baadshah of Bollywood’, Shah Rukh Khan and Renuka Shahane came together to give the viewers, a story revolving around a Circus Show, a serial that depicted the highs and lows of the people who made the whole world laugh with their acts.

The Euphoria associated with a Circus Show is going to be back again on Television after 16 long years, as Sony’s newly launched serial Amber Dhara will give the viewers a platform to laugh, or can we say, cry, with the girls Amber and Dhara, who are ruthlessly thrown into the World of Circus by the notorious conman Anuj, played by Nasir Khan.

Having run away from home, Amber and Dhara face their First Obstacle of their life, and realize that the only way of survival is to learn the art of performing at the circus. While Amber and Dhara gear up to face the bitter facts of life and start performing at the Circus? The only question that arises now is that, have Amber and Dhara been trapped for life in this Circus Grounds? Will they ever be able to escape from this atmosphere and make a life for themselves?

As these questions regarding Amber and Dhara’s future remains unanswered, the viewers can at least take a breather from the day-to-day Saas Bahu stuff shown on TV and enjoy the glitter and glamour of Circus. It is time for the kids to smile now, as they will witness funny incidents happening on the big Circus stage.

Above all, don’t miss to watch the cute girls, Amber and Dhara take on the Circus stage and start winning all hearts in one go…

Author: Srividya Rajesh

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