Beginning October 26th @ 9.00pm every Friday and Saturday, catch singer par excellence Adnan Sámi taking the contestants through this musical journey

Bol Baby Bol, rock n roll….bol baby bol bol, next verse bol bol…..bolegi to prize jitegi which will be money galore…..Yes! Star One’s new venture is all about singing the next verse right and rock the stage with some great music and singing. Do you know the lyrics of your favourite songs by heart? Do you know what line comes after the one that has just being sung? Can you spot the wrong lyrics in a song? If you do, then it’s time to participate in the interactive musical game show being launched by Star One – Bol Baby Bol. Taking on the role of the host will be composer, pianist and singer par excellence Adnan Sámi.

In a never before seen format, this show interacts with the audience and whoever gets their lyrics right gets a chance to earn loads of money and prizes. Beginning from October 26th @ 9.00pm every Friday and Saturday , the game commences with the lead singer circulating amongst the audience, singing a song and the person who completes the lyrics following his / hers, gets selected for the buzzer round. In the buzzer round Adnan Sámi will ask the three selected contestant’s one question based on a Hindi film song/lyric. The contestant who presses the buzzer first and answers correctly goes on to play BOL BABY BOL.

Announcing the launch of this brand new show, Prem Kamath, VP Marketing & Communication, Star India Pvt. Ltd says, “Star One has always focused on providing differentiated content with mass appeal. We have a legacy of unique and interesting shows and now with the launch of Bol Baby Bol we have added another one. This is a genuinely unique concept – something never done before in this country.”

Commenting on Adnan Sámi as the host, Prem Kamath added, “Adnan Sámi is one of the finest singers we have in the industry today and we are privileged to be associated with him. Adnan will be very closely working with us on the show and will add a lot of value to it.”

Adnan Sami, who now a days appears to be a different person altogether after shedding oodles of excess pounds from his obese frame, seemed visibly excited at the prospect of this new role of a host. “The toughest part for a singer is to remember the lyrics correctly and this will be the biggest challenge for the contestants of Bol Baby Bol. People have always appreciated my singing and music and I really hope they like my new role as a host,” gushed the popular singer.


¶ For the first song played for Rs 2500/-, the lead singer sings a song. The contestant will have to spot the one wrong word that has been sung

¶ For the second song played for Rs 5000/-, the lead singer starts singing one song. The contestant will be given jumbled words on the screen from the point she stops singing, and will have to sing them in the correct order

¶ From this point, Adnan will throw 2 categories per song to choose from. Once the category is chosen, the contestant will be presented with two songs of which he has to select one song and correctly sing the required number of missing words to win that amount of money

¶ For the next songs, Adnan will only give 2 songs options to the contestant (No categories are given). He/she will have to choose one song

¶ For the Jackpot song played for Rs 25,00,000/- the contestant will be given one song. The contestants have to complete the missing paragraph (antara) of the song to take home the Jackpot

The contestant can also avail 3 lifts- Adla – Badli, Half ticket and Gustakhi Maaf for reaching up the ladder of the lyrics success.

The innovative concept, music and a great host, the show does seem to have all the ingretients right to make it a great success. Whether the TRP will rock the charts, well, we shall know soon enough!

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