Prank stir

Nach Baliye couple, Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh had a horrifying time when a staged prank went haywire. Few guys were brought on the sets and were made to act as if they were Sanjeeda’s fans. One of them was told to act

as a local goon, but their acting went overboard as they began abusing Aamir and Sanjeeda. While Aamir was trying to calm the visitors, one of them went very close to Sanjeeda and she began to cry. In anger, Aamir slapped him and took away the camera and removed the cassette and broke it.

Our source, who was present on the sets, says, “Aamir is a cool person and he was game for it when it all started. The Star and Wizcraft team had staged a prank and the idea was to make it look real for the ched-chaad round. The plan was to scare Sanjeeda and the actors were supposed to come as goons with a knife in their hand. They were told to act as if they are Sanjeeda’s fan and one of them wants to propose to her. However, one of the actors went overboard and started abusing.”

The plan flopped when the amateur actors pulled out a knife and brought it very close to Aamir. A terrified Sanjeeda was in tears. “At first, Aamir thought that it was all part of the prank but when they came too close to Sanjida, she began to cry. At this point Aamir asked them to back off but they would not listen. Aamir got angry and slapped one of them, he took the camera and removed the tape and smashed it hard. He then asked everyone to leave and consoled his lady love who was terrified,” the source adds

When contacted, Aamir says, “Yes, this happened but there is no point talking about it now. These two guys got carried away way but I have no complaints.”

Meanwhile, his girlfriend Sanjeeda says, “It was shocking and scary. Although it was a nicely planned gimmick, it turned out to be a horrifying experience. One of them aso had a knife. I think it could have been done in a better way. They also started abusing. I hated it completely and even Aamir was in for a shock. I don’t even want to talk about the incident.”

Kunal M Shah

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