‘Look forward for the Garba Dance’ – Karan Grover

Karan Grover, popularly known as Dr. Armaan of Dill Mill Gayye, does not need to act at all. According to him, he gets paid for being himself on the sets.

Does the name Armaan ring a bell in your ears? Of course yes, because Armaan is a name that has always been associated with name, fame, success and a huge fan following. At first, Apurva Agnihotri achieved enormous success playing the role of Armaan Sir in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi. Now, the new Armaan to rock the television world is Karan ‘Dr. Armaan’ Grover who has set all hearts thumping with his looks and charming personality in Star one’s Dill Mill Gayye.

As bubbly and energetic as his character, Karan Grover talks about his character and much more, read on.

How is it playing Dr. Armaan? “It’s been awesome playing Dr. Armaan. I relate a lot to the character I play, so I need not put in much effort. I need to go there, play myself and get back. The best part is that, there is no need for me to act for the role. This is the way I am. The plus is that, I get paid for being myself on the sets.(laughs)”

How is it being a part of a serial, centered on youth? How did you all get on so well? “Yes, all come from different backgrounds, but we connected together so well. We got comfortable with each other in no time. We built up great chemistry and that too very fast. It is a serial for the youth, and about youth. We all understand our roles very well. Moreover, I feel, playing our age, we can relate to our characters better. Our Director Nizar Parvez is also young, so he understands everything so nicely. It’s really good to be working under a young director. To me, it does not seem like work. It is a dream role for me, and I am having fun.”

Is there any difference between Armaan and Karan? “The only difference between Armaan and Karan is that, Armaan is made to wear lots of clothes, while I wear next to nothing.” You have an enormous fan following on our forum. Are you aware of this? “Yes, I am aware of the fan following I have in India-Forums. Actually, my parents who are based at Muscat regularly visit India-Forums, in fact my whole family visits. Whenever they tell me about this fan following, I get thrilled.” So why don’t you login and directly interact with your fans? “Yes, I will surely do that.”, says a jubilant Karan.

How is it working with Mohnish Behl? “I have looked up to his acting as I grew up. It is awesome to work with him, I learn a lot from him. This is one reason why my scenes with him come out so well. It is a great experience, altogether.”

Your Salsa dance with Riddhima was appreciated a lot. “Yes, the Salsa was planned by the creatives. The lovely clothes were designed by our producer’s wife, who is a designer by profession. We had only half an hour’s practice for the Salsa. But it was real fun doing it. I would like to tell you that there is one more dance coming up this week in the show. Since it is Garba season, we are doing a Garba dance; I presume it will be shown sometime this week. We wear complete authentic dresses, please watch this episode, it is going to be entertaining for sure.”

With Salsa and Garba happening, why are we not seeing you in any Dance reality show? “Yes, I and my girl friend Shraddha Nigam were actually invited for this season’s Nach Baliye. But I am so into Dill Mill Gaye, so I could not take it up.” Quickly he adds, “Probably the next time…”

Does it mean wedding bells in the near future? No marriage on cards as of now. We have not even talked to each other about it. (smiles)”, says the actor as he signs off.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh

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