Sayantani to be sacked?

Sayantani Ghosh is the latest victim of the ubiquitous channel wars. The actress who is playing the female lead on Sahara One’s Ghar Ek Sapna has simultaneously signed for Naagin on Zee. Needless to say, Sahara One is not happy with the new development and is planning to sack Sayantani from Ghar Ek Sapna.

Says a source from the production house, “Actors cannot simultaneously play the lead roles on two channels as the novelty factor goes away. So, when Sayantani signed up for Aroona Irani’s Naagin on Zee, Sahara One was left fuming.”

Some actors like Ram Kapoor and Ronit Roy are working on multiple shows too but hailing from the same production house and hence it is permissible. However, in Sayantani’s case both the channels and the production houses are different. To top it all, she is playing the lead roles.

Another source adds, “Whatever said and done, it’s not Sayantani’s fault. The cast of Ghar Ek Sapna kept swelling and she was getting lesser screen space. Moreover, she was shooting for a maximum of 14-15 days in a month. So, she decided to sign up for another show.”

However, when contacted, Sayantani was clueless about the matter. “I have no idea whether they have decided to throw me out. But, I have definitely informed them before signing up for Naagin,” she said.

Sayantani further added, “The story is moving into a new track in which is do not have much of a role to play. I barely shoot for 14-15 days in a month. I had ample time in hand and the offer in Naagin was quite exciting.”

So, is losing Ghar Ek Sapna a good decision for Sayantini? “I am shooting for the show as of now. I know they were not very happy when I told them about my new show. I have given up my career in the Bengali film industry for my career on television. So, now when I am getting a good show, why I shouldn’t I take it?” she said.

Ranjib Mazumder

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