Vanishing act

Aamir Dalvi, who was last seen in Saathi Re has been roped in for the daily soap Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai on Zee. But the actor who was all set to play Dr Sudhanshu Mehra, the ex-lover of the female protagonist, went missing from the sets on the very first day of shooting. Aamir arrived on the sets, put on his make-up and costume and then simply disappeared from the scene. Without informing anybody, he went missing for hours. As a result, the shooting got stalled and the entire unit went into frenzy. Eventually when the production house contacted the actor, he made some excuses and refused to shoot any further.

Says Varun Babbar, the supervising producer of the show, “We had a 7 a.m. shift with Aamir on the set. We had already discussed his role, looks and dates in advance. He just came on the sets, had a cup of tea and disappeared without telling anybody. He ignored all calls made to him from the production house. His excuse was that someone on the sets asked him to show his artiste card, which he took offence to. This obviously angered everybody on the sets. Within couple of hours he left, leading to utter chaos. We eventually had to pack up.”

Actor Alok Nath who was also present on the sets during this chaos.

Nath says, “Someone asked him some questions and he was upset after which he disappeared. Nobody is aware what happened that prompted him to act so rashly. It came as a shock to us. We were all ready to shoot and then ended up twiddling our thumbs. We couldn’t make a single move without him as he was required for all the scenes. This is an extremely strange behaviour from an actor.”

However, when contacted, Aamir Dalvi curtly says, “I am not doing the show. You must be talking about some other Aamir.”

The production house has decided to file a case against him in CINTA (Cine Artistes and Television Actors Association) it has affected the production costs. Apparently, a hospital set was created for the shoot. “The senior artistes were kept waiting for hours because of Aamir. Right now we are hunting for a replacement.” says a source from the production house.

Kavita Shyam

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