The great depression

The cast and crew of Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan are undergoing severe bouts of depression due to their latest on-screen separation. The reason being that now, as a result of a turn in the story events, the onscreen family has separated and are shooting at three different locations.

Earlier, the shoot would to take place at Magnum House at Andheri and the whole gamut of actors felt part of a family. Kshitee Jog, who plays Saraswati in the serial says, “When we used to shoot at Magnum House, it was like a family affair. It was less of a studio and more of a house. We always used to be together and there was never an incidence of a fight or ill-feeling on the sets. In fact, we used to have our meals together with the unit members. Interestingly, none of us would ever be in a rush to leave early. I cannot forget those days.”

Betiyaan is the story of four sisters (Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga and Gauri) and as the narrative progresses the sisters get married one after the other. The star cast is swelling with each passing day and with different families now in it. Hence, there are three different units for the shooting of the different families. One is Magnum House in Andheri, Russian Villa in Madh Island and Gemini Studio also in Andheri. But the actors are missing each other badly. “Rajendra Chawla who plays Rasik Mama in the show is a great friend of mine; I used to give him my cellphone while going for the shoot. However, the others are also equally dear to me. As there is an entry of new cahracters, our original family has somewhat broken apart,” Kshitee adds.

Now, the only way of communicating with each other is through the phone. Nupur Alankar who plays the black character of Halki Bua says, “We are constantly in touch with each other. When we shot the separation scene, tears spilled over off-screen. Senior actors were also shedding tears. Now, we are always in touch through phone. We had a chance of meeting each other during the Ganpati festival. I hope, the storyline changes and we shoot at the original location very soon.”

Ranjib Mazumder

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