“Rags to Ragaas – the journey in between”

Poonam Yadav, contestant in Zee’s musical reality show SaReGaMaPa, who hails from Lucknow, can be now declared as the winner among girls. When there is a will to prove, single minded focus on life’s ambition, a determination to succeed and one has abundance of talent, even the toughest of hardships cannot hide one from coming out and catching the eye of the millions and catch the eye of the audience. Such is the story of a the talented Poonam Jadhav who rose from a position of nothing to reach the top 4 league of Saregamapa C2007. Her voice and versatility spoke on her behalf. A person who struggled so much to barely survive, today her journey to this show is a story that can be an inspiration for many underprivileged ones who due to hardship and lack of opportunity give up.

Poonam and her family’s entire life have been very tough and full of struggle. She lost her father even before she was born. Her mother had to work as a domestic help and sold roasted corns to bring up Poonam and her sister. On the other hand this 26yr old girl used to work as an assistant in one of the telephone booth in Lucknow to meet household needs.

But even during this rough phase of her life she did something that is very commendable. She had adopted a girl when she was very young. This girl is now 6yrs old and stays with her family. When we asked her about the girl she said “Yes I brought this girl home with me when she was one month and three days old. I love kids a lot. This child was of our neighbour and I got too attached to her. Later even the child got very attached to me and used to stay with us most of the time. As time passed I used to take care of the girl just as a mother does for her own child. And now she is not like my daughter but I can say is my daughter”. Hats off to Poonam for such a noble deed!

In all this limelight or glory if apart from music another thing that makes Poonam stand out in a crowd, it is her humility. When she was congratulated for all her achievements in both professional and personal life, she humbly accepted the accolades and passed on the credit by saying.. “I did nothing it was Inshallah, who did all, I was just a means”. Kudos, Poonam. We are proud of you and wish you the very best in life and future endeavors.

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