Meet Raahil Azim, the new Aditya Shergill in Parivaar

The man with attitude, with aggressive looks, Aditya Shergill of Zee TV’s Parivaar is surely the new shrewd business tycoon who has got popular.

Soon after his entry into the show, the character met with a bad accident and he was shown to be in coma. While in Coma, Raahil Azim got inducted into the show to play Aditya Shergill. Now that, the character Adi has come out of coma, Telly Buzz got in touch with the new man in action, Raahil Azim.

How is it, being a part of Parivaar? “I have just now started with it. The track for the future is not that very clear at the moment. But yes, the show is faring really well and has good TRPs for that time slot. It is a very nice unit to work with, I am really enjoying it.”

Tell us about your character? “I play Adi, the business tycoon; he was actually in coma all this while. Before getting into coma, he was a very rash character, a go-getter, basically. He was a thorough professional; he wanted to have what he likes! He had a very bad relationship with Malishka and was disturbed with it, and got involved in the accident. Now when he is out of coma, Adi has lost his memory. So the track will move on those lines now.”

What can the audience look forward to, in the future track? “All the people in the house feel Radha is Adi’s girlfriend, but it is only Radha and Adi’s brother, Shaurya who knows that Radha is not the girl.”

So will your role develop to be the main lead? “I think yes, it will be a sort of love triangle that will develop. But nothing is clear as of now. So let us see.”

All said and done its going to be a real treat for all Raahil Azim fans with the come back of Aditya Shergill in to the story. Catch up with Raahil in Zee TV’s Parivaar.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh, buttercup

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