“It’s always wise to save money” Prachi Desai

Ekta’s blue eyed girl, Prachi Desai has taken Kasamh Se to great heights as Bani. This simple middle class girl from Pune always dreamt of making it big in life. Kasamh Se changed her destiny overnight.

But somehow all the fame and adulation hasn’t changed this eighteen year old. Prachi continues to be rooted and is careful about money matters. She takes pride in buying things with the money she earns and is wise enough to save it too

How important is money for you?
It’s the most important thing in my life. I work to earn my money which helps me satisfy all my needs.

How do you go about investing your money?
I’ve invested my money in Mutual Funds and a small amount in shares. I’m not afraid in dealing with stocks; but its just that I don’t have much knowledge of it.

Who handles your finances?
My Parents. I’m not mature enough to handle my finances.

Your first earning and what you did with it?
I gave my first salary of Rs. 1000 to my mom and told her to buy anything for herself. However, she made me buy a nice dress for myself.

Most expensive thing you brought for yourself?
I bought a Swift for myself. I was very happy to buy something with my own money.

Do you bargain while shopping?
I love shopping at malls. So, I never really get a chance to bargain.

Word of caution for young readers?
It is always wise to save money.


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