Hair scare!

Sporting a different look in shows has become part of life for many stars. But this can also be a risky affair if there is a slight mishap.

Such is the story of Vineet Raina, who is shuffling between his two shows Maayka and Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai. While enacting a scene on the sets of Maayka, the actor’s hair caught fire and his hair line went out of shape due to the burn. Now, he is having a tough time maintaining his looks, even after a hair cut.

Vineet burnt his hair while filming a wedding sequence where he had to take pheras. The mandap was lit with several lights and the actor had a turban on his head.

Due to some technical faults, there were sparks. “Because of the turban, I didn’t realise that a burning piece of plastic fell on my turban. Suddenly, I felt some burning sensation on my head, when a unit member began to shout that my hair had caught fire. I rushed to the nearby bathroom before the others could rush to my rescue. But, the damage was done. Thankfully, I put off the burning piece before it burnt my scalp,” says Vineet.

The actor, who went for a haircut and also sported a new hairstyle, says, “I have trimmed my hair but I still have to take the help of heavy make- up everyday to hide the mark. I couldn’t shave my head completely as it would have badly affected the continuity”.

Vineet’s accident has resulted in him being teased by his family and friends.

Says Vineet, “Everyone at home has been teasing me. But, I’m having a difficult time maintaining my look for two shows simultaneously.”

• Everyone at home has been teasing me –Vinit Raina

Ranjib Mazumder

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