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The producers of Saat Phere have recently shelled out Rs 8 lakh for a single episode. In a major twist to the story,
A still from Saat Phere
Abhi (played by Sachin Shroff) comes to the rescue of rape victim Pia (Niyati Joshi) and offers to marry her. Meanwhile Saloni (Rakshri Thakur) comes to know that Abhi himself is the rapist.

Anju Gill, executive producer of the show said, “This is one scene where the mystery unfolds and it had to be shot lavishly. Just before Abhi meets the dire consequences, there is a huge ‘teej’ celebration happening in the house. We spent huge amounts of money on the lighting and decorations. We also hired a lot of junior artistes and installed three special cameras to capture all angles.”

Spending a lot of cash on crucial episodes is the in-thing with many producers. In the case of Saat Phere were they just keeping up with the trend or was it really required for the story? “We have definitely spent a huge amount of money but it was because the particular episode, which formed a critical juncture in the story, required it,” Anju added.

Ranjib Mazumder

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