‘A friendly atmosphere is much needed for positive energy’ – Shekar

Shekhar, of the Vishal-Shekhar duo, considered to be one of the most creative and dependable music composers now, is also one of the mentors in Zee’s musical reality show SaReGaMaPa. He started his journey more as a playback singer, but later went on to become more of a composer than a singer. What was it that made him make this choice? “Well, I used to write and compose my own songs even as a singer. When I did my album, I composed all my songs in that album. The whole combination of composing your own song and also singing, gives you your own individuality, which is very important. So becoming a Music Director was I think, just a God’s call.”, says the humble Shekar. But he feels he would rather be called more as a musician.

Shekhar was a part of SaRegaMaPa earlier too but as a contestant. So what difference does he see in the show. Quick comes his reply “It was only musical earlier, but now it’s more of drama and circus. I would say, then the show was really SaReGaMaPa, but now it’s more of Saas-Bahu-aur-Gaana” As he laughs, he adds “No, maybe it’s Saas-Bahu-aur-Drama.” And what about his views regarding the love story drama being played now on SaReGaMaPa? “See, basically whatever the other mentors, other judges feel about this show, I would not like to comment anything on that. That is their approach to this entire thing. Our approach has to be very dignified and we need to maintain this.”

He feels these gimmicks are also needed by the channel house and production companies to add to the TRP of the show. Does he believe the same too? “I personally feel today that it’s because of the singers and their their singing talents, people watch SaReGaMaPa. People don’t watch this show for all that Chillam-Chilli and drama that happens on the show. I am completely against it and if you see SaReGaMaPa, you’ll find I keep away from all that. No love triangles, no rubbish, only concentrate on singing.” He feels sad for those three contestants, “Poor kids… They don’t even know why all this is being done. But they would be told to concentrate more on singing now.”

As a mentor, he loved this new journey too. Before agreeing to be here as mentor, he had made it very clear to Zee, that all mentors will have to work together for the benefit of all the contestants and not fight like last time. And he is very happy with the co-operation that they are getting in this regard from all the other mentors. “A friendly atmosphere is much needed to get a positive energy, and only then, we can get success in our work.” He is happy working with the contestants and wants to make sure that they don’t end up into becoming short term celebrities like earlier contestants and winners from such reality shows. So what is the most cherished moment for him on this show till now? And again he comes out with a prompt reply “See if I consider the musical part, then every moment that I have spent with these contestants is memorable for me. Meeting these contestants and seeing how hard they are working on, the kind of effort, the kind of dedication they show, it gives a really nice feeling. All of them are very nice kids. But if I have to say keeping the drama of the show in mind, then the last day of mine on the show would be the most cherished moment.” And will he be back as mentor again in the next round? “I may or maybe not!!! They still need to work a lot on this drama part of the show. Even if I come, I may put conditions on this issue before saying yes.”

Shekhar has been called as one of the most unbiased and sensible judge in SaReGaMaPa who has always encouraged the contestants, pointed out their mistakes and kept away from all TRP gimmicks. It is because of this very nature of his, that people adore him and respect him all the more. With such sincerity, dedication, talent, creativity, focus and clarity in his outlook to life and music, this talented musician has a lot more of success to come his way!!! We wish him the very best!

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