Vikas Sethi-Amita Sethi steal the show in Nach Baliye

Celebrities left the audience spell bound with their brilliant performances in the second round, and as this season’s Nach Baliye slogan states – Yeh Nach Nahi Asaan, the competition gets tougher with every passing week. This week of the dance competition has a little too many surprises in store for the audience. However, what truly shocked the judges and the contestants, was the stunning performance by Vikas Sethi and wife Amita Sethi.

The couple performed a classical dance on the salsa number – from the movie Shabd. Dressed in a wooden attire, and covered in terracotta paint, the couple left the jury utterly speechless. Though Amita broke down after the performance, as she forgot a few steps, Isha Kopikkar came to her rescue to cheer her up. To give you a quick recap, a performance similar to this was done by Manav Gohil and Shweta Khwaatra in last season’s Nach Baliye, where both of them were covered in Gold Paint, and gave a striking classical dance number.

The Telly Buzz team talk to the straight forward and pleasing Vikas Sethi about his outstanding performance and his experience in Nach Baliye 3…
How did you come up with this unusual and innovative act? How was the experience?

It was really beautiful, really unusual. Actually the terracotta paint was my wife’s idea. The idea of statue theme was of course the choreographer’s. I did not know anything about this terracotta, but it was my wife who insisted that we do it. At the end, all was a team effort.

So how did you manage to try something unusual as this, in the very 2nd round?
Well, situation demanded it. Song demanded it and the theme was such that we had to do it. It was really tough, doing a western number with Indian dance steps. It was a big challenge; I have never done Indian numbers, I have tried western numbers as a dancer, but nothing like this. So it was new to me. But for my wife, who is completely a non-dancer, doing this was something exceptional. Our choreographers were really impressed that we gave such a huge improvement. The choreographer was happy that we took the initiative to learn and did not drop our heads at any time.

We actually heard that Amita got emotional after the performance as she felt she missed some steps here and there…

Yes, my wife felt that she missed out on few steps. But Isha was so sweet and supportive that she told us that we have shown a remarkable improvement. She said nothing doing, you should not be crying now, instead you should be patting yourself.. Ultimately, Ishaa said, “Pushpa I hate tears”. It was such a nice feeling.

So how have you prepared for the next round? Is it hectic?

Yes, it is very hectic, but we are enjoying it. We have come smiling and we will go smiling. If we get out, we will have another chance in wild card round; we will get back and perform again. We know that there are better dancers than us here, but we are enjoying being here. We have never done something like this together, so this is a different experience altogether. We are performing here for our fans, who are rooting for us. We will not let them down and give it our best shot till we are here.

Vikas and Amita are surely working hard to make it through the competition, and looking at their performance, they surely seem to be on the right track, by putting their best foot forward. Wishing the couple all the best for their performances…

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt


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