Snake Dance in Baa Bahu aur Baby

Hats Off Productions’ Baa Bahu Aur Baby have always been the pioneers in entertaining their audiences. And now in a striking episode, J.D.Majithia and Deepshikha will be seen dancing on a song sequence where they don the role of a ‘naag-naagin’. The comedy and interesting track takes shape after Deepshikha aka ‘Icha’ in the show returns once again. The song is also to feature the other brothers apart from J.D Majithia and has been professionally choreographed by Pappu

“It is an interesting sequence and I am sure the audience will really like it. We have shot the entire song, and it has been professionally done. May it be just 3 ½ minutes, but we wanted to give the proper feel of a song and dance than just randomly incorporating it into the show. Even the costumes and set has been given a lot of consideration.” Says J.D Majethia.

Deepshikha and J.D have been receiving a lot of reviews for their on screen chemistry as a pair. Infact sources say, they might just act together in a Gujrati film also.

Well considering they are a favourite among the Gujrati audience, we wouldn’t be surprised either!

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