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With Salman Khan going in for hair weaving, its catching on fast in tinsel town. The latest to join the bandwagon is singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya. He underwent hair weaving treatment and is looking much younger now.

On Monday, the unit of Star Voice of India was in for a pleasant surprise when Abhijeet came in sporting a new look for the show.

The new look makes the singer feel much younger than before. “I have been doing a lot of stage shows all over the world. Now, I come on small screen too. So, I felt it is important that I maintain my looks. Viewers get the impression that I belong to the older lot. Moreover, among the judges I look much elder to others. So, I just wanted to feel good,” he says.

He adds, “One day, I looked at the mirror and made a decision when I looked at my receding hairline. I have also grown a beard to add to my look,” he says.

Abhijeet underwent hair weaving treatment in Dubai and Bangkok. He says, “The patch of hair on the middle of my head was very thin. I spent a lot of time deciding on the look.”

When asked about the time spent on the treatment, he says, “It took more than six months. The treatment was done at a hospital which has its branches in Dubai as well as in Bangkok. So, whenever I went to either of the cities, I also underwent the treatment. The last three treatments were done at Dubai.”

However, ever since he’s got his new hairstyle, the unit members and the co-judges on the Voice of India have been teasing him. Gauging the response, he says, “Now, I look the youngest in the team. People have been making fun of my new look, but its all in good spirit. In fact, my family is also happy about my new look. I am enjoying all the attention and I hope my fans will love it too.”

Ranjib Mazumder

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