Kyunki track: Ganga gets kidnapped!

A source from the production house tells us, “We are now focusing on the Saahil – Trupti Virani track. Trupti has been secretly married for 20 years to businessman Rishabh Malhotra and also gives him Saahil’s money. Ganga comes to know about this and goes to Rishabh’s house to find out more but gets kidnapped by Rishabh instead. Trupti and Rishabh are also successful in acquiring Saahil’s property.”

The source adds, “The other track will be focused on Nakul-Sanchi’s affair as he feels guilty for insulting Sanchi. KT and Lakshya help him in convincing Sanchi to cone for the Ganapati visarjan…”

Dhanashri Kulkarni

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