‘I love doing cameos’ – Rohit Bakshi

He is Handsome and Dashing, whether it be in cute and nice roles of Piyush of Kahinn Toh Hoga, Vishal in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, or as the wicked Karan in Kaajal. Rohit Bakshi has always captured the heart of the Television viewers, with his hot personality and pleasing nature. After playing the role of a goody son in Kahiin Toh Hoga and the negative role in Kaajal, Rohit is now back to steal all hearts, in his new avtar of Sanjay in KumKum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan.

Rohit Bakshi gives an exclusive interview to Telly Buzz about his role in this serial.

Tell us about your role in Kumkum? How is it to play Sanjay?

Rohit: It’s great fun to be playing a white character again, after my negative role in Kaajal. In Kumkum, I play a simple person, an engineer by profession, who falls in love with Krishna, who is actually Kumkum. With the backdrop of a village, I really like the role I play there.

How has your experience been, working with the Kumkum unit?

Rohit: It’s been great working in Kumkum. With Juhi here, I am having a wonderful time. The best part of the shoot is that, I like the village atmosphere in which we shoot. It is really refreshing and new.

How is the track going to proceed, now that Sanjay has fallen in love with Kumkum/ Krishna?

Rohit: Well, I cannot reveal the story line, but the audience can expect bit of suspense linked to the future track. There is lot to happen, so keep watching!!

How is it working with Juhi Parmar again, after Choodiyan?

Rohit: It’s really great. I have always been in touch with her, kind of on and off. Whenever I would like a particular episode in her serial or in Antakshari, I would sms her, applauding her work. She is a very good actress, and I want to give my best shot working with her. Overall, it is a very good experience to share screen space again, with Juhi. She is a big star now, but remains the same old Juhi, who I know. She is the same down to earth person, and nothing has changed in her, in the due course of time.

Have you started working with Husein for the future track?

Rohit: Yes, we have done few hit and miss scenes together, but again, I cannot reveal much about the future track.

You have done a few cameos in Kahiin Toh Hoga, Kyunki etc. Your take on it?

Rohit: First of all, my role in KTH was not a cameo. From the very first day, I knew that my character would end, one day. In Kyunki, it was a different matter. Nothing can be said about the future track in daily soaps, everything works according to the Janta, and all drama needs to be incorporated to get the much-needed high TRPs. But yes, I love doing Cameos. Cameos are good fun, it is for a short period, we are not bound by a yearly contract, once the cameo ends, we can move to the next. In between this, one can take care of other work too. As an actor, I feel doing cameos is very convenient. But everything depends on the role; if a cameo is powerful and is bound to leave a mark on the viewers’ mind, I will accept it with both hands.

The viewers are really confused about the recent track in Kumkum. Sanjay who is young and unmarried, is now in love with Krishna, who is actually Kumkum. Now as per the story, Kumkum is aged atleast 45. Now how can Sanjay fall in love with Kumkum?

Rohit: (laughs)I really do not know, this is a question that should be targeted at the creatives. But I think in serials, we can take this much liberty. This is actually a talking point on the sets too. All make fun of me, ask me what Sanjay will do, when he gets to know that the girl he loves is actually a wife and a mother of grown ups… (laughs)

So what will Sanjay do, can you please tell us?

Rohit: Yes, we actually talk about this on sets, and all in the unit feel that, the day Sanjay gets to know of this truth, ‘Woh Chat se khudkar apni jaan dedega’ – he will jump from the roof and die… (laughs) Jokes apart, let us see what really happens!

What are the other projects you have in the pipeline?

Rohit: Apart from Kumkum, I am shooting for few episodes of CID. Along with this, I have Kaajal.

How is it working in Kaajal? Are you a part of the new team that is going to be shown after the reincarnation track happens?

Rohit: Yes, the whole unit has been changed in Kaajal, I have not started shooting in this new set-up, but I have been told that I will remain a part of the story track, post reincarnation.

Do you have any Bollywood aspirations?

Rohit: Of course yes! This is one reason why I like doing cameos. If you are doing a main role, then you are committed to shoot for at least 25 days in a month. When I work in cameos, I have enough time to meet producers, and meet different people. Now I have time for this, I will surely want to get into movies. I am trying, let us see..

Your message to your fans?

Rohit: Keep watching me! Keep showering love on me.

A clean vision for the future coupled with great aspirations, the talented Rohit Bakshi is sure to achieve more success in the coming future. Telly Buzz and his fans wish him all the very best!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh, Anu.Rad

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