Hall kaisa hai janab ka?

Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek Rakhi Sawant seems to be taking Nach Baliye rather seriously. The item girl is not leaving any stone unturned to clinch the title on this show. The latest is that she has convinced the organisers to book one entire hall Natraj hall for her rehearsals, while the rest of the nine contestants have to make-do with three halls, and practice in the time slots given to them.

Obviously the contestants are unhappy at the preferential treatment being meted out to Rakhi. A contestant says, “It is really unfair that while we have been given just a couple of hours to shoot whereas Rakhi gets a hall all to herself. She’s clearly the producers’ favourite.”

Another contestant says, “Yes, Rakhi is definitely their favourite and I was surprised to know that Rakhi can practice whenever she wants to, while have to wait.”

Another contestant says diplomatically, “Aamir Ali and Sanjida Sheikh rehearse at Natraj Studios in the night. I believe Rakhi too practices on the first floor of the studio, only she has 24-hour access to it.”

Prem Kamath, VP Marketing and Communication Star, says, “None of the contestants have come and complained to us as such. I am not aware if Rakhi is being preferential treatment.”

Rakhi Sawant was unavailable for comment.

Kunal M Shah

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